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Beckman LS Counter Parts  
Beckman Power Supplies  
  • P/N 606682
  • Power Switch Corp.
  • HSC125-43R
  • PSC125-43
  • LR62245-2
  • 115v Input, +24V/-15V/+15V/+5V Output
  • Used in the LS1701, LS5000CE, LS6000SE, LS6000IC, LS6000LL, LS6000SC, LS6000TA, and LS6500
  • with cover
Beckman LSC Monitors  
  • Monochrome TTL monitor 14" (external LS5000)

$450 - New

  • Monochrome TTL monitor 9" (internal LS3801, LS5801)

$450 - New

  • Link MC5 for LS6000 series (P/N 500799 or 185597)
  • Wyse 160 for LS6000 series (Guaranteed to replace the Link MC5 and WORK!)

$450 - Rebuilt

  • Wyse 370 for LS6000 and LS6500 w/ color option (Replaced by the Wyse Winterm right)
  • Still can work in place of the newest A42078 Decoder Box, A17960 Decoder Cable, & A18659 LCD Screen
  • We have Wyse 370 Flybacks Available. P/N 429016-02A NEW IN BOX. (some old boards need holes drilled) (429016-02, 429016-01, 429016-00, 429016? flyback fly back?)
  • Wyse Winterm WT9650XE - Includes power supply and all cables. (Limited supply, order now!) (Repair service available)

$995 - Rebuilt

Sorvall Centrifuge Parts  
  • RC2B, RC3, RC3B, RC5, RC5B, RC5C, RC5B+, RC5C+, etc.
  • RC series brushes
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  • Board Repairs
  • Panel mounted Beede meter repairs (new, old, 9 pin, 11pin, etc)
  • Temperature Sensors
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Beckman Centrifuge Parts  
  • J21B, J2-21, J6, J6B, J2-MI, J2-ME, J6-MI, J6-ME, Avanti J-25, J-30, L8-80, L8-80M, L7, L5, TL-100, etc
  • P/N 308989 " Spindle Rebuilds
  • Drive Rebuilds
  • Board Repairs
  • Panel mounted Beede meter repairs (new, old, 9 pin, 11pin, etc)
  • Vacuum pump repair
  • Board Repair services (Older J series, newer JM series, Newest Avanti Series)
  • ULTRA-Centrifuge drive service, board repairs, etc.............
  • Rebuilt LVPS
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New Brunswick Shaker Parts  
New Brunswick G-25 Shaker Brushes.
(EB-169 or PO380-1180)

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EB-169 (With Spring) - $25.00
PO380-1180 (No Spring) - $25.00
  • 25 a pair. 2 Styles, Quantity Discounts Available.
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New Brunswick G-25 Shaking Mechanism
  • ACE will rebuild your existing assembly for $1,500 + (bearing replacement)
  • Ace will disassemble shaker mechanism and check for worn or bent shafts. Worn or bent shafts will change price depending on severity of damage and would need to be sent out to gather final pricing.

New Brunswick G-25 Shaker Thermostats
(like ET-151, ET151)
  • The mechanical style thermostat is no longer available.
  • Ace is in the process of designing an electronic control to replace it. Contact us with any questions and we will be happy to assist you.

New Brunswick G-25 Shaker Hinges
( G25-484, NBG25484, G25484 )
  • Brand New Counter-Balanced Door Hinges - Black
  • Pat. 3224038
  • Single Hinge - $85
  • Set of Three - $225

Forma Parts  
P/N 245055 3940 RH and Temp Sensor (We rebuild yours)

Manufacturers List Price is $2,137
Rebuild typically $700
Old Watlow design?

Weksler Circular Chart Recorder Drive Motor

Used on the 3927, 3956, 3940 mechanical chart recorders
I12LK-6-2WA (click for info)
115 v, 60 Hertz (Hz), 3 Watt
1/168 RPH (Revolutions per hour) - 7 Days per revolution
12LK-6-2WA Synchron
$150 - NEW

P/N 900078 Forma 3033 or 3860 Blower Motor

037564000 37564
SE2B21 036258
Ametek Rotron Sealed and ready to install. Replaces the 900078 Blower
$750 - NEW

Eppendorf Parts  
P/N 022663241 5804 & 5804R & 5810 & 5810R Frequency Converter for S/N < 10,0000

Works in the 5804 s/n < 10,000
Works in the 5804R s/n <10,000
Works in the 5810 s/n < 10,000
Works in the 5810R s/n < 12,000
022-66-3241 - Eppendorf Frequency Converter
22663241 or 22-66-3241

$1500 - NEW

IEC Centrifuge Parts  
TONS of parts not added yet


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