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ACE New Equipment

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Alarm Monitoring System

Ace can rebuild Super Speed, Low Speed, Ultra Centrifuge Spindles and Drive motors, and ALL Circuit Boards (Through Hole and Surface Mount)!

Our equipment is located and stored in our warehouse's in St. Louis, MO.  We feel it is important to get the actual pictures of the equipment on our website to view at your computer.  Please remember that all our equipment, once purchased, will go through a THOROUGH cleaning and decontamination process prior to arrival to your facility.  All Biological Safety Cabinets are Decontaminated per NSF and OEM standards.

If any item you wish to purchase from our website appears dirty, is missing a panel, or anything out of place, PLEASE let us know! We can bring it out of storage and thoroughly clean it and possibly the missing parts were located at the end of the truck. This way you TRULY will see what you will receive.

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